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About Us

About Us

Meet the team

Merrick Russell (managing director) has been a Design and Technology teacher for over 17 years and brings a wealth of expertise and experience when it comes to designing classroom projects.  He is passionate about Design and Technology and loves helping schools maximise the learning opportunities the subject offers.  

Chris Ly (office administrator) ensures all our systems are working well.   He  is an important member of the team and seems to be able to fix any problem that arises.  You may be speaking to him the next time you call us.   

Marty Harris (project developer, CNC consultant) is a full time Technology teacher and manages to fit in time to develop new and exciting projects.   He is never short of a creative idea and loves to help schools run high quality programmes.   Marty is also the CNC guru.   

Rebecca Whitehall (dispatch) controls the delivery of all the materials Designability sends out to schools.  As a teacher, she has a special appreciation of the importance of fast and accurate deliveries.  You can be sure that an order from Designability is packed with some love.  

Miles Campbell (consultant) has been a part of Designability from the beginning and continues to advise and generate ideas.  With a background in teaching Designa and Technology, Miles continues to have a special interest in the needs of the subject across the country.   

Maurice Clarke (UK Markets) supports the work of Designability by developing the outstanding range of CR Clarke plastics forming equipment.  He is keen to work with customer feedback to keep improving the range.  Maurice plays a key part in developing UK markets for Designability projects and products.

James Anderson (project development) studies Industrial Design at UNSW.  He is super creative and enjoys solving problems and that makes him a valuable member of the team.  He is keen to see good quality projects get into Australian schools and beyond.  He is pumped about design and knows the value of having great teachers.  He is into laser cutting and loves the possibilities that are opened up by CNC technology.   

Our Histroy

In 1999 a small and committed group of Design and Technology teachers met to share ideas on how to teach the subject they loved. They believed that Design & Technology is a fantastic, challenging and inspiring subject, but often teachers needed help to find good resources and quality teaching material. Excited about the prospect of supporting other Design and Technology teachers they formed Designability in August 2000. Over 10 years later the vision is just as strong and our resources keep growing.


Our number one aim is to provide teachers of Design and Technology subjects with classroom ready resources to help teach their subject in the most inspiring way they can. Every school is very different according to the skills of their teachers, their equipment and resources. This makes a standardised text book for our subjects almost impossible. Our approach is to develop units of work that can be easily adapted to your school situation. It’s a smorgasbord rather than a set menu. We support these units of work with teaching materials, project materials, equipment and professional development. That’s why we call them ‘fully resourced projects’

Design education

We are passionate about what introducing students to the world of design can do. The goal of every subject is to help students see the world a little differently, and to understand the world they live in. This is true also of a design education, and so our approach is two pronged: to help students understand materials and processes through making (design capability) and to help them understand the designed world (design awareness). Further to this, we believe that as the quality and status of the subject continues to grow, so too will the quality of Design and Innovation in Australian homes and industry.

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