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Outside the Box - Cardboard Design Now

Black Dog Publishing

Think cardboard, think box – well not after you have read this book.  

Originally only used for packaging, cardboard has undergone a transformation of perception, not only by designers, but also by consumers.  

This book is witness to the maturing of a relatively young design material which is now being celebrated rather than shunned.  As a design material cardboard has a lot going for it really.  It is light and strong and easily cut and folded.  Durability may be the real issue, but this should not hold it back from a place in the design landscape. 

This book will surprise you and your students.  Cardboard never looked so wonderful, useful, even desirable.  From kids’ toys to buildings and furniture it looks like there’s nothing cardboard can’t do, or at least be considered for.  And this is the real value of this book – it is a challenge to think about the material anew.  This kind of thinking is exactly what designers do all the time.  This is the kind of thinking that you want to impart to your students.

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