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Ecolamp is a new project that explores the creative possibilities of LEDs. This new technology is super efficient and very versatile. The project focuses on issues of energy use and sustainability while giving students the opportunity to develop their own creative ideas. As with most new technology designers want to find its true form. This hasn’t happened yet with LED strip lighting and so your students are presented with a great opportunity to invent a whole new style of lighting. This project can be aimed at Years 8-10 and students end up with a lamp with very high take-home value. You won’t see any of these projects left at the end of term.

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Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources needed o successfully run this unit of work in their classrooms. We provide all the materials and the less common equipment as well as teaching notes and student sheets. The beauty of the Ecolamp project is that it can be run without expensive equipment.


Materials and Equipment

  • Cordless drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bending bar
  • Vices
  • Soldering irons
  • Scissors
  • Hot air gun
  • Aluminium body piece
  • White polypropylene
  • LED strip
  • Heatshrink
  • Solder
  • Jarrah base
  • Screws
  • Project video
  • Teaching programme
  • Teaching notes (student handouts and teacher notes)
  • Reference books

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