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The Skylap design project will be the best project you run all year.  Your students design and make a flying aircraft and test it using the PowerAnchor.  

Construction techniques are easy so that they can make quick modifications. As they measure the speed and lift of the aircraft they gain a deeper understanding of the principles of flight.  

How does wing shape affect speed; how does weight affect lift?  As designers, we know that the best way to understand a problem is to make something and test it.

The teaching resource pack is a rich source of ideas with a teaching programme, teachers’ notes, student notes and worksheets as well as a classroom video to help instruct and inspire your students.   Designability projects are designed by teachers and are classroom tested.    



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A full range of design activities are included in the student notes and the teacher’s notes help to guide through the delivery of the project.  These include:  

  • Information sheets on flight
  • Homework questions
  • Research tasks
  • Concept sketching
  • Video questions
  • Working with balsa
  • Detailed design brief 
  • Record of testing 
  • Evaluation     

The project pack also includes a 23 minute classroom DVD which will inspire and instruct your students on the main concepts and making techniques including:

  • Theories of flight
  • Control surfaces
  • Working with Balsa 
  • Testing the aircraft 
  • Modifying and theorizing



Our aim is to support teachers with all the resources you need to successfully run this project in your classroom.  We provide a teaching resource pack which includes teacher notes and student notes as well as the classroom video, as well as class packs of consumables.   


Materials and Equipment

  • Scalpels  
  • Cutting mats
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue guns
  • Steel rules
  • Sanding paper


  • Pencil
  • Drill with 2mm bit 
  • Soldering irons and solder    
  •  Wheels   
  • Propellers


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