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We Can Help

Designability offers a range of services to help build the quality of your Design and Technology learning environment as well as one-off programmes that can run in your school, aimed at either teachers or students. These services are tailored to your specific needs.  Contact us to arrange a time for a visit.





It’s hard to project the needs of the subject for the next 15 years, but this is necessary when selecting equipment. It’s important not to let the equipment in your studio limit future options.  We can visit your school to assess your needs and make recommendations to help you get the most suitable design environment for your students.





Your learning space needs to be a creative environment that works on so many levels. The way you lay out the learning spaces speaks so much about your attitude to the subject and the expectations you have of your students. We can advise on lighting, display, flow, storage, work spaces, air quality, finishes and surfaces.


Teacher Training


Designability offers a range of in-service teacher training days which can also be run at your school. If you want to run a Designability project at your school then the best way is to train all your staff at the same time. For the full range of Designability projects click here.


Student project session


Give your students that bit of extra design inspiration and take some of the pressure off yourself. If you run a Designabilty project then we can offer specific lessons presented directly to your students.  They can be to do with the theory or  practical aspects of the project. 





Currently we offer ‘Graphics Booster’ as a student skill session that can run in your classroom. Graphics are key to the design process and so some extra input here can help your students in any of their design projects. The elements can include: concept sketching, sketch rendering, perspective, exploded views, presentation layouts.










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